The passion for cocktails

Edvinas ‘Eddie’ Rudzinskas from Ireland is the creator of a Bartender’s Blog on social media under the name Cocktails for You.

The idea of the blog is to promote bartending, new ideas for cocktails and the cocktail scene – all things that Eddie is passionate about! Traditionally, Ireland is known as a country where people enjoy their drinks. But do we really know what we are drinking, why it tastes the way it does and how it is made?

Eddie wants to draw more attention to bartending as a profession, to attract more participants and visitors to the various contests and competitions, and to get more media coverage for the industry as a whole. Eddie’s page is like a personal blog on which you can follow his life as a bartender.

He writes about events he has attended, both as a bartender and as a guest, describes his preparations, thoughts, and generally what goes on when inventing a new cocktail. He also writes about the various kinds of spirits, tells a little about the different brands and basically writes about anything to do with bartending.

Skully Gin is privileged to be one of the spirits recommended by Edvinas Rudzinskas and to be part of his social media blog. For anyone interested in bartending or simply in how to make cocktails, the makers of Skully Gin wholeheartedly suggest that you join the 40.000 followers of this impassioned man who is a true inspiration for the field of bartending & cocktails. You can find Eddie on  Facebook and Instagram.

A brief impression of what Eddie Rudzinskas has accomplished in his bartending career:

  • World Cocktail Championship 2014, Cape Town: Silver Medal, Long Drink
  • Finlandia Vodka Cocktail Competition 2012, Ireland ( 2nd Place )
  • Glendalough Poitin Cocktail Competition, Ireland 2013 ( 3rd place for best shot)
  • Aer Lingus Business Class Cocktail Competition 2013, Ireland: 1st place
  • BOLS Liqueurs Tea & Coffee Cocktail Challenge 2014, Ireland: 2nd place
  • Ireland National Cocktail Championships 2014: 1st place)
  • Disaronno Mixing Star 2015, Ireland: finalist 2015
  • Bols Around the World 2015: 1st place Ireland, 2nd place Western Europe
  • Mattoni Mystery Box Competition, Estonia: 3rd place
  • Young Bartender’s Competition, Finland 2015: 2nd place